Communication Consulting

work – 1996 – Present (16 years)

Marketing and Advertising industry Almagreal is a communication consulting agency based in Florence, Italy, founded and lead by 2 copywriters – Giulia Reali and Massimo Alvito – who lost themselves in 1995 Tokyo while looking for concepts to make it a more understandable and enjoyable world for kids like us. The range of our activity today spans from marketing strategy to adv and media planning. But we basically love to face the challenges people meet in an ever-changing business landscape.
Thanks to a varied network of professional collaborators in all fields of communication and design, we make it possible to deliver state-of-art communication solutions and customized services and products to manufacturers and retailers in the cross-national scene. Our primary tool is constant research on the languages and behaviors that shape the current development of contemporaneity. Fashion and design are our preferred battlefields – but not the only ones. We work on a project-based method.
Projects are developed with the contribution of outstanding creatives (photographers, graphic designers, videomakers, web designers, sound designers, event designers) that are involved in the creative process since the very start of each project. We love to build and share the potential of each project while taking it to the desiderd results. But we especially love to dream out of the business. That’s not all: we nourish our minds and souls with academic activity with young creatives that takes us to reset our vision every semester.

That’s it, and is never enough.